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All aspects of our dental treatment offer a

cosmetic and functional component.  Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, teeth can be restored with tooth coloured resins and ceramics.  These quality restorations are strong, durable, metal free and are bonded to tooth structure. Both Dr. Karine Plieva and Dr. Konstantin Pliev and their team of dental professionals, feel they represent an excellent investment in your long-term dental health.


As well, K&K Dental Studio offers composite fillings that match the shade of your tooth and are now a great alternative to silver-mercury amalgam. Porcelain and composites offer strength, durability and give you a beautiful white smile!


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Even the simplest dental treatments need to be performed with an eye for aesthetic detail. Both Dr.  Plieva and Dr. Pliev treat all phases of dentistry; with the understanding that the whole person is being treated, not just their teeth. You can feel comfortable knowing you are in good hands, whether it's to meet your basic dental needs or designing a new smile, changing that unsightly amalgam filled tooth, doing metal free restorations or filling in missing teeth or spaces. Both Dr. Plieva and Dr. Pliev use their artistic ability to create restorations that look and feel natural. Cosmetic dentistry, at its finest, is the blending of the science of dentistry with the artistic abilities.


Our cosmetic services include:




If you are considering a subtle enhancement to your smile or a dramatic transformation, trust Dr. Plieva and Dr. Pliev to deliver high caliber results. Through a combination of skill, technology and quality materials, Dr. Plieva and Dr. Pliev delight patients who present with a wide range of aesthetic and functional concerns.  Correcting or improving the shade, shape, spacing, height or width of your teeth can transform your smile into an amazing asset!  Treatment options including veneers, crowns, bridges, implants, orthodontics and whitening are selected to achieve beautiful, natural, comfortable, lasting results.


As an example, K&K Dental Studio may utilize crowns to create a beautiful smile and protect your teeth. Our teeth are composed of two main parts, the crown is the part visible above the gum and the root is the part below the gum that holds your tooth firmly in your jawbone. If the crown of your tooth becomes weakened by decay or fractures or if it is stained or uneven, it can be restored and strengthened by an artificial crown.


Dr. Plieva and Dr. Pliev and their Ottawa team of professionals here at K&K Dental Studio take great pride in helping all of our patients to have the healthiest most beautiful smile possible. If you have any questions about any type of cosmetic restoration or procedure, please feel free to speak with one of our K&K Dental Studio team members today.

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